About Creative Dolan

I Love what I do! And I believe it shows in my client’s work everyday. My business all started back in 2006, when I set out on a mission to create a design company that would move with me throughout the years, from state to state.

My husband was in the Air Force, and our first base moved us to Ohio. I was finding it hard to land a job at a design firm because even though companies liked my portfolio, they were hesitant on hiring someone who would have to leave in 3 years for another Air Force base. And so, I gave in and got a job not in my career field and moved on with my life. BUT, I really missed designing! So, I started to take on small jobs here and there freelancing for small businesses. Sometimes I didn’t even charge for the design because I just missed designing so much that doing the design was enough for me. Eventually, I’d charge the small businesses what was within their budget for the job, and from there I realized that I was creating a client base. And so my business was born.

I started this company not really thinking about the money, but I focused more on the purpose. DESIGN and PEOPLE.

In the first year, I found my clientele consisting of Mom and Pop shops. These folks wanted designers like me – a small business – who is responsive, honest, reputable and can design on their budget. To this day, I still reach out to the small businesses who need design help because THEY are the reason I made it as a company. Their business and what they stand for will always be the core foundation of my company.