Why We Chose the LadyBug

Since 2006, I’ve used a ladybug as my business’s symbol for many reasons. One being that I love what a ladybug represents. In nature, they seem so docile and friendly. You usually find them on a windowsill, sometimes you may have one land on you, just to crawl around and then fly away.  I’ve always liked a ladybug’s character, and found it something to look up to.

I also remember being told as a child that if a lady bug lands on you, it’s good luck. One reason behind ladybugs being considered as a good luck charm is their association with the blessed Virgin Mary. It is believed that they were created as the result of the prayer by Christian monks in Europe for they feared that their crops would fail. The bug was essentially named after Mother Mary herself.  Some cultures even believe that whatever a ladybug lands on will be replaced with an improved version of that object. Alternately, some sources state that if a ladybug comes to your house when a person is sick, it takes away the sickness in the house, which means that the person is renewed in a way.

That all being said – I believe that the Ladybug is the perfect representation of my business. It’s the perfect example of how I approach my clients, how I review and carefully take in their needs, and then I replace their old design with a new improved version of what they once had (or maybe never had to begin with).

CreativeDolan’s ladybug represents my faith, honesty, friendliness and determination to make your company’s design new again.